Roz Clarke

The Communication Strategist Transforming Lives

In the midst of a communication drama we need to step back and say things that diffuse rather than further inflame the situation. Roz teaches clients to do this effectively, graciously and powerfully, always with this question at the forefront: “Do you want to be right or do you want to be in this relationship?” Roz has been my communication mentor for more than a decade and I use her strategies almost every day of my life.
Dr Buzz McCarthy – Psychoneurologist and Relationship Consultant.

Roz is elegant and graceful in her approach, bringing humor to her tool kit when appropriate. She is warm honest and supportive; with a vibrant enthusiastic approach.
Her work is powerful, life changing and inspirational. Her strategies to communicate differently are like oxygen to a relationship.
M.G. – Retail Business Owner

Roz Clarke’s vibrant and enthusiastic approach to her role as a therapist is transforming in her intention to give her clients the self-esteem, vision and passion to transform their lives.
Sharon Elder – Events and Communications Specialist

Roz is an incredible and intuitive practitioner who successfully helped me to reframe the negativity and low self-esteem I had developed during my 11-month job search. I saw Roz for my first session and a week later I was offered a fantastic position!! Roz returned the passion and the positive to me…to those looking for success, I say Roz is an essential addition to your box of tricks.
Karen Freidin

Roz is a potent, straight talking transformational coach who will help you get to the heart of any matter in a profoundly gentle and powerful way. Whether it is relationship, parenting, business or Life issues – Roz will support you to eliminate a lifetime of limitation and realise your dreams. What I love most about Roz is she walks her talk with a passion and her generosity of spirit is larger than life.
Melissa Scott Rowan – Life Coach

It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial. It has been an honour to work with Roz Clarke as a transformational therapist. I found her warmth and integrity inviting and that together with her knowledge in her field of expertise, all assisted in my having a profound and life changing experience to this day.
Alex – Performing Artist

I have known Roz and Louie her dog, for the last four years.
I have been to see her many times throughout this period, generally about low self- esteem and lack of confidence. Every time I have been to see Roz, she has been able to determine what my concerns are and to help me understand them. Whether it be a large or a small concern she treats them all with the same level of importance. Asking questions, she digs up the issue and lets it breathe… then the process of understanding and releasing begins.
Whether it be Time line Therapy or a conversation, the results are rewarding. Roz constantly gives me homework and I can’t do without it. It keeps my head straight, my thoughts positive and before long I no longer have them. It’s an amazing feeling looking at the world in a different light. I walk tall and hold my head up high. I put all this down to my dealings and experiences with Roz Clarke.
G.O. – Electrical Business Owner

Roz Clarke is a dedicated and enormously respectful therapist who continually achieves profound results for her clients. Her commitment to assisting/facilitating desired goals is inspiring to observe and experience .Roz is an elegant and powerful therapist, with abundant empathy, spiritual awareness and insight. She teaches her clients how to embrace changes necessary to achieve their desired goals, how to implement strategies which will make significant difference in their life experience and gently encourages them to develop choice when facing life’s challenges. She continually expands and develops her skills and is a powerful example of the life-affirming possibilities Therapy can offer us all. Without hesitation, I highly recommend working with this remarkable woman.
Justine Bradley – Master Practitioner NLP, Timeline Therapy and Eriksonian Hypnotherapy

When I first started my work with Roz, I was struggling to be in a primary relationship with a wonderful man, mainly due to past experiences that had me unable to receive love, believe that anyone could love me or accept that another human being (especially a man!) could be imperfect. Through a short but intensive period of work with Roz I was able to see things quite differently. I am now living with my partner – happily – and we are creating a committed and imperfect future together! If you’re up for a breakthrough in your life, Roz is definitely your woman!
Hailey – Company Director

I reached rock bottom when I lost my job, and I didn’t think it was possible to help me. When I started sessions with Roz she made me realize that I have more hidden recourses than I originally thought. Through Timeline Therapy I had the opportunity to clear the sadness and the feeling of victim inside myself. I was surprised how it cleared up and released some new energy in me.I am looking forward and with excitement towards the next stage in my life and I know that Roz is there when I need some guidance.
H.T. – Speech Pathologist

Our lives were one big jigsaw puzzle that we could not seem to be put together both in our relationship and our parenting. Roz’s wealth of knowledge in these areas along with the strategies and communication skills given to us, have helped us to create the confidence to bring our blended families together. We have a new commitment to each other – we just became engaged.
Suzie R. – Health and Fitness Coach

Your last program was outstanding and very appropriate for me at that point in time, as I have commenced a new relationship with a lovely man, but who was having fears regarding his ex-partner. So after listening to your show, I dropped into my heart space and opened myself more to the feelings of love and joy, and removed the fears. Now when any of the negative thoughts or fears become present, I dismiss them and feel from my heart. I am also applying this technique with my little one when she is being difficult and instead of becoming angry, I am calm and reasonable. Loved it and looking forward to more.
Nerida Hunter

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